Why Pay for SEO Small Business?

May 28, 2020 in SEO

At Free Local SEO Pro, we specialize in offering SEO for small business. If you are a small business owner trying to target the local audience for your products or services, it is imperative to establish a robust online presence. We employ an exclusive small business SEO checklist to help entrepreneurs enjoy higher website traffic. 

Beginner’s guide to small business SEO

As a small business, you must build a responsive and user-friendly website. It does not stop there; here are some tips on how to increase site traffic and conversion rates:

  1. 1) Create a proper website structure – Your website should have a logical link structure to be user-friendly. It should be clutter-free with easy page navigations to make your visitors spend more time on your site.
  2. 2) Avoid broken pages and links – Search engines and visitors view websites with broken links and pages as obsolete and outdated. Your prospective customers will jump to the next highest search result, and over time you will lose your ranking in SERPs. Update links to broken pages and outbound links on your website.
  3. 3) Create an enticing meta title and description – Every page on your website should have a unique and intriguing meta description and title. Also, do not forge keywords, insert a keyword in meta description only if it fits naturally.


Lastly, post engaging, relevant, and fresh content on your website for search engines to trust your website as a credible business. Also, do not forget to get citations and listings for your business in directories and other credible sites with high traffic.

Is SEO worth it for small businesses?

A small business may not have a large budget set-aside for advertising and marketing campaigns. For companies with minimum resources, SEO may be your best bet at getting the word out about who you are, what you do, and how you differ from your competitors.

SEO is the most cost-effective method to reach a broader audience. Furthermore, SEO allows business owners to track the results and reach of campaigns. This way, you can alter the campaign to be more fruitful and make sure that every penny you invest in SEO pays off.


Why is SEO important for small businesses?

SEO can help you reach a wider audience in a short time. It is much cheaper than traditional marketing and helps you reach a global audience. It not only helps improve website traffic, but it also increases leads and improves conversion rates. SEO helps build brand credibility and a loyal customer base for your products or services.

For most small businesses, SEO becomes the primary source of leads and guarantees higher close rates. It helps create brand awareness and improves your website speed. Lastly, it is an efficient marketing strategy that helps cut through the stiff competition.

We are here to answer your questions like ‘what is SEO for small businesses’ and ‘what is the cost of SEO,’. Get in touch with us at Free Local SEO Pro for more details on SEO for small business.

Free SEO for Small Business You Can Take Advantage Of

May 28, 2020 in SEO

To take advantage of SEO, you must understand what it is and how to use it to your advantage. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which basically organic techniques that are used to boost search engine rankings. The perks and benefits associated with higher search engine rankings are practically endless and can help small businesses exponentially. Following simple SEO for small business tips can help you harness the power of search engines.

At Free Local SEO Pro, we can take care of all search engine optimization strategies and services to make the process of marketing your small business easier than ever. The number one question our team at Free Local SEO Pro is asked is, “Is SEO worth it for small business?” The answer to this can vary, depending on what techniques and strategies you utilize. Those who put their trust in our stellar services can definitely expect their SEO investment to be worth it.


Beginner’s Guide to Small Business SEO

When you start thinking about utilizing SEO strategies for small business, you need to create a small business SEO checklist. Consider the following tips and tricks when creating your checklist:

  • Fix Technical Issues – You want to address technical issues with your site because they will cause traffic to avoid coming to your site. You can’t conduct business if the smallest aspects of your company aren’t running smoothly.
  • Focus on Raking in Reviews – Reviews on the web can market your business in a way that you aren’t able to do on your own. Reviews can give consumers valuable insight into the goods and services your brand has to offer. Positive reviews can influence the future of your company.
  • Gaining Local Links – Gaining local links to websites that are in your area can help boost your search engine rankings. You want to boost your rankings without paying for expensive ads. Search engine optimization techniques are the best way to accomplish your goals.


What is SEO for Small Business?

Search engine optimization for small businesses is a cost-friendly way to gain web traffic. It is an advertising outlet that will ultimately pay for itself. To ensure your website takes full advantage of what SEO can provide, you should always turn to us at Free Local SEO Pro. We can provide you with comprehensive SEO services that will send your brand straight to the top of search engine rankings. In order to do business online, consumers need to be able to find your business online. Achieving your goals of branching out using the web can be easy if you take advantage of the services we have to offer at Free Local SEO Pro.

Why is SEO Important for Small Business?

SEO is important for all types of businesses, but especially small businesses. SEO can help you make the most of your marketing dollars. Getting the word out about what your brand has to offer can help draw in web traffic, which can ultimately convert to real time leads. Our affordable services at Free Local SEO Pro can provide you with a positive outlet to take advantage of the perks SEO can offer small businesses.

Free Small Business SEO Tools

May 27, 2020 in SEO

Free local SEO pro is a tool that can help you promote your brand visibility with the help of free small business SEO. Many businesses, especially the small ones, find search engine optimization very tricky. Our tool guides you through this process and helps your online visibility in the search engine.

Guide to SEO in 2020

An SEO strategy is as important to a business as its product marketing. After all, it plays a major role in the digital-influenced world. However, small businesses fail to understand the reasons, especially the local businesses, of why SEO is important for their business. Therefore, here are some reasons to take SEO seriously:

  • Customers rely on the Internet for all of their needs right from food delivery to make up products, educational courses, or repair services. Therefore, whichever niche your business belongs to, your customers are definitely available online.
  • The Internet will only show your company’s name in the result if your business is SEO optimized.
  • Not only the website, nowadays, but even social media content and press releases also need to be SEO focused to rank on the search engine.
  • An SEO optimized website sees more traffic in comparison to others without proper SEO practices.
  • It also helps you in getting qualified leads that, too, for free.


Small businesses find it challenging to implement SEO practices, and this is where top free and paid SEO tools come handy.

Benefits of free local SEO tools

A small business can find the most help from local SEO as their businesses are usually areas concerned. Therefore, choosing the best local SEO software can be very beneficial to such companies. The benefits you can reap by implementing the software are:

The easiest way to use SEO practices

An SEO tool after installation walks you through the SEO process. Therefore, you can have complete guidance of the tool while optimizing your website as well as the social media profile. This helps in boosting the ranks of the brand organically i.e., without any paid promotions.

Tactical online roadmap of SEO services

The tool comes with a roadmap of the SEO practices. You can use this map to optimize all of your content, including images, videos, blogs, and articles on all the platforms. This helps small businesses to grow their visibility online as grow brands offline too.


Tracking available

When you install the tool, you can track your SEO progress online in your account. You can also track your visibility and insights into the organic content on Google analytics to understand keyword ranking. Keywords are the most important aspect of digital marketing, and free SEO citation builder can help you with it.

Features of free SEO tool

The best features of using this SEO tool for small businesses are:

  • It includes a step-by-step guide for SEO practices.
  • A plugin tool will be available that you can directly use in your website for SEO optimization.
  • A full-fledged keyword finder and mapper that reviews your organic content quality high.
  • It also offers you the best five keywords for promotion as well as backlink options for creating a network.

Free local SEO pro is the best tool to promote businesses locally. You can contact us for free small business SEO tools as well as paid services with certain useful addons.